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Dan Kasperski's Kaiser Permanente ER Horror Story

We received from Susan Kasperski four pages of material about Kaiser Permanente Emergency Room problems which she has uncovered due to the abuse her husband Dan received while suffering a life threatening event.  

YouTube Video about the content located below on this page at:
Susan Kasperski provides commentary on serious problems uncovered at Kaiser Permanente Emergency Rooms.  It may help if the public were to write to the CEO of Kaiser - Bernard Tyson at: and let him know that his outfit is having problems with their ER rooms.  Maybe he could do something to fix the problem before some place like HHS learns about it.

Photos of her paperwork and photographs of most involved Kaiser personnel she discusses are beneath the transcriptions that are provided on this page:

Letter to Kaiser Permanente

August 13, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

Well on March 27, 2016 many letters were signed and dated and stamped with my seal placed on them were sent off to Kaiser Member Services and CEO Office, no response in writing, all I got was do this send this and so on.  Now dead silence.

Well I did my part so what is your problem, our office had over (4 months to respond to me by letter, by phone and never got a answer one way or another.

This time I'll go in person and hand deliver it.
I feel you abolish the complaint or I would have gotten something from you.

So you thought ou could avoid me.  I want satisfaction on all harm Kaiser did to my husband and almost lost him.

I wonder if some of these doctors are doing mercy killing with old people.  These doctors should not be in a ER, their licenses should be pulled.

Mrs. Susan Kasperski
Dan's Story:

Hello, this is my story of horror that my husband went through 3 times going to the ER all in the month of March.

Well it all started when Dan, my husband was sick for three weeks before seeing a doctor, thinking he could doctor himself up and get better instead of going in to the doctor.

He had chest pain, back pain, having a hard time breathing, legs swollen, lump on back, pain on left side, and been so weak he can't hardly walk and in much pain.

Finally on March 10, 2016 he is went to see Doctor Kwasi Osei who sent him home with medicine and pain medicine, so forth.

Now by, March 14, 2016 he is worse than ever and I called 911 for an Ambulance AMR, fire department came first then AMR and took Dan to Kaiser ER in Ontario, CA, they dismissed him even when he was throwing up still and deathly sick, which ER called him a cab and wheeled him outside still vomiting  in cold rain to wait for a cab to come.

I went to cab where cab just pulled up at our home to find my husband in shorts with only a plastic wash pan where he was throwing up in and so doped up with pills it was hard for him to get his bearings.

Now it's March21, 2016 and he looks like one foot in the grave and one out and to add to his misery he has a cold now and he can't hardly talk now and a hard cough and very bad chest pains, which was from being left outside in cold night and raining from ER to add to his misery.  I called 911 and AMR came out and Fontana CA Kaiser ER was full and gain to Ontario ER where once again they sent him home in a cab and all doped up again.

I see my husband fading away in front of me and I felt helpless.  I call and left a SOS/HELP, to our family doctor and his nurse Nancy pleading for help.  I felt that it was only a matter of time that my husband would be dead.

March 24, 2016

Thanks  to Nancy RN and Doctor Bai who saved my husbands life.  He found him very sick with multiple things wrong with him especially multiple blood clots in both lungs.  He made a slip out for him to go to ER and wait for a room in hospital where he can be admitted and receive Continuation of Care and ED Care, a Higher Level of Care.

My husband thought it was 6 PM in the ER when he got there but records said 8:00 PM, March 24, 2016.  So in my other letters I was wrong, so he was in ER over 3 hours when I got there after 11:00 PM when I saw him.

5:10 AM, March 27, 2016

Untold Horror Stories in Kaiser Permanente ER's
This is one of those UnTold stories in the ER

Did you ever here the expression Kaiser Permanente ER's are a station?
Well my husband Dan went through hell 3 times going to ER's in March .  Two by AMR Ambulance and a Doctor making sure he got into ER there, where he will go to a room as soon as there is one available.

Let's back up a little, he has Kidney Stones that he was trying to pass for a month.  He had Chest Pain, Back Pain, Side Pain, couldn't hardly breathe, diarrhea, Massive Blood Clots in both lungs, hacking cough.  He was so weak he couldn't hardly  walk or stand alone.

Well M Bai MD ran a test showing massive blood clots in both lungs on top of everything else and sent him to the ER to be admitted to a room in the hospital at once.

Once in the ER, at 6:00 pm, he was there waiting to be seen by a doctor to be transferred to a room when one was available.

Well after 11:00 I arrived in Dan's room 47 to find out a doctor had just left his room and all she did was check his lungs and left.

I could see he is hurting bad, gasping for air and his skin looked yellow in appearance.

When I summoned a doctor in charge of Dan she came half an hour later.

I ask his Male nurse what's going on, why isn't he taking care of Dan?   The Doctor ordered medicine but it still isn't here.  Oh, he said, here it is and gave Dan a shot in his belly and some pills.

When Doctor Vicki Tran, MD came into the room, Dan said what is going on about me and the blood test you took.  Well I'm going to be sending you home with medicine and you will be ok.  I said isn't he going to a room for care?  No she said, there aren't any rooms and if there is one he be there short time then sending him home.  But if no rooms available later we will send him home from here with medicine.

Oh, my husband pleaded with the doctor.  I've been like this for a month.  I can't take it anymore.  Please admit me he said with tears in his eyes pleading, and I said he can't even walk because he can't breathe.  This is the only time I have seen tears in his eyes except at his sons funeral and his mothers.

Well Doctor Vicki Tran replied with a cocky attitude - Well if he can't walk then I will make other arrangements to send him to a nursing home.  


Dan raised his voice crying and pleading just admit me and take care of problem where I cannot walk.  She replied, as a very cold person, and if you go to a room, I'll still be your doctor and will dismiss you to go home.  I took it as a threat.

Well, now my dandruff is up.  She belittled him, she threatened him with her power and I let her have it with words ----  And you call yourself a doctor to attack a person when they are down.

If you do this I'll take him to another ER out of Kaiser and she said Kaiser won't pay.  I said that is none of your business. Here he was with blood clots and it took the ER over five hours to make serum up to give him a shot for the blood clots in both lungs and get his pills.  

I thought an ER had plenty on hand in case of an emergency.  I told whoever would listen and a doctor if he dies --- Heaven help Kaiser.  I will live to close the ER doors until it is run like an ER should be run and make you answer to board for what you did to my husband here and sending him home like you want to do.

We are proud American born and my family before us and to be treated like this in America, makes me wonder how you treat Illegal''s and people at your mercy beneath you?

When Dan came home he told me that he asked the Nurse - it is 2:00 AM and I have been here for 8 hours.  Aren't ou going to get me a room.  The nurse replied - Oh you still here and before he knew it he was on his way to a room and was seen by another doctor who ran all kinds of tests and provided medicine he needed and so on.  And he was sent home with medicine and instructions to give himself shots in his stomach for blood clots and made an appointment for  him to come back.

So Dan went in on March 24, 2016 at 6:00 PM at the ER and was Admitted to a room on March 25, 2:00 AM in the morning and released close to 6:00 PM .  So he spent 8 hours in the ER and 16 hours in the hospital.

Also, Dan told me that when they wheeled him to the room he saw plenty of empty beds on the way.  So she did this to him probably because she was upset with me, so she took it out on Dan.

I wonder how many people have complained about her; I am sure Dan isn't the only one.

NOTE:  Two visits to Kaiser Ontario ER and One visit to Fontana Kaiser ER.

From Mrs. Susan R. Kasperski - refer to copy of image down below for address, etc.

March 29, 2016

To Whom It May Concern - addressed to Kaiser

It all started when I left a distress message for Doctor Carlson and his nurse Nancy.  Nancy cared and got Dan help.

Well Nurse Nancy responded to my distress call about my husband Dan and being very concerned about his condition, responded very fast which it was more than just a call.  There was a lot more involved in trying to get Dan in to see a doctor at once and that she was a lifesaver.  She went beyond the call of duty.

Now Dan saw the doctor.  Nurse Nancy set up for him to see Mark Minsoo Bai, MD and seeing Dan had tests done to confirm his years of practice is was Blood Clots and Doctor Bai wrote Massive Blood Clots in both lungs and made orders out to go to ER and get a hospital bed as soon as one was ready.

My Doctor and Dan's also - Nathan David Carlson, MD responded to an email and checked into what was going on with Dand and made sure that everything was going right with Dan.  He also made some appointments for him and so on.  What a team of good doctors.

With Dan going to one doctor on the 10 March and getting medicine and sent home was getting much worse, called AMR to ER on 3/14/2016 just to be sent home then another ER on 21st  just to be sent home again and once in ER again was a bad experience in itself.   But once transferred to a room all went well during his short stay.

To Nurse Nancy, Dr. Mark Minsoo Bai, Doctor Nathan Carlson:

Thanks for saving my husbnd and Dan.  Thank you also from bottom of our hearts.


Dan and Sue Kasperski

Photos of letters sent by Sue Kasperski which include images of primary physicians involved:

Cover letter from Susan Kasperski

Second Page of documents - Dan Kasperski

Third page of documents - Dan Kasperski

4th document - Dan Kasperski