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My life with Fontana Kaiser Permanente 1992 -2014
I was always very busy being a homemaker and raising children and later I ran for Mayor and Council of Fontana, helping with food drive for many years and so on, I also helped my husband with our business
Peppi's Fast Food.  

Over time I developed back problems I became and 40 pounds overweight.
We sold Peppi's after 17 years and then we picked Kaiser Permanente for our Medical Insurance.
I trusted the Kaiser Doctors at that time and took their advice but it turned out to be bad advice.

Here is the breakdown of what Kaiser did and did not do.
 1. I arrived in Fontana ER as a CODE BLUE "and 8 hours later was released to go back home, in poor health.
     The next day I ended up again in the Hospital! They took 95 pounds of water off me in 2 and half days and sent me home again.
     I ended up back in hospital again and Kaiser" talked me into a Pacemaker which I didn't need, as I found out years later. {All I really needed is water pills because I had been retraining water all along and from day one I never was put on water pills which would have solved my problem.}

    Also bad advice from ER doctors, who misdiagnosed my problem in the ER which has stressed me out over this pacemaker and caused me to have enlarged heart (stress).
2. Now I have a" Pacemaker and during a Mammogram, the Pacemaker was torn loose.  
    More bad advice from a Kaiser MD ended up with me having emergency surgery to retreave the Pacemaker from below my stomach where it had been pushed during the Mammogram.

    Kaiser then put in another Pacemaker.  Now having this second Pacemaker put in was unprofessional and dangerous, especially when retreaving the other "Pacemaker" ended up with my
left arm becoming damaged.  Today I can only raise up my arm  half way!   The woman Kaiser Doctor retreaved the first Pacemaker by putting  her entire hand and part of her arm into me from my chest to below my stomach in order to retreave it.  OUCH!   Oh - she  also  did this while using unsterilized conditions  in the operating room. From that day on my left arm can't raise up over my shoulder and the Kaiser doctors say x rays show no damage.

3. I went in to Kaiser to have my Bladder checked and ended up getting my Urethra stretched without my permission. Later while getting a shot  I asked the RN  what is that for, she told me that I had passed out three times because the pain was so great.  She said that  I was screaming for the Kaiser Doctor to stop whatever he was doing.   She said that the Kaiser Doctor had stretched my Urethra.  "WHY? I ASKED, maybe that is why you can't pass your Urine she told me. I never did have a problem in first place. Now I can't hold my Urine, thanks to a Kaiser Doctor.

                                               So if you ask me how am I doing? My answer would be
1. I have a Pacemaker I didn't need. {Heart depends on it now }
2. I have an Enlarged Heart.
3. My Left Arm can't rise above my shoulder. It is sort of a handicap now.
4. Now I can't hold my Urine. Can't drink liquids the entire night or before going anywhere!
                                                                                   Mrs. Susan R. Kasperski
                                                                                 5/9/2014 8:17:55 PM